Meeting Facilitation

Great meetings

Want to achieve better results in your meetings? Using a proven, effective system we can help you:

  • reduce non-productive meeting time
  • Increase the number of decisions made
  • Increase the quality of solutions and decisions
  • Increase the engagement of meeting participants
  • Increase levels of meeting satisfaction among group members
  • Accelerate the rate of innovation across the organization

Let us help you get your meetings on the right track.

Corporate Training

Not your ordinary staff training.

Do you want your staff to be inspired, empowered and motivated? Do you want to retain your top talent and grow your potential leaders?

Show them you care about their growth; give them the skills they need to reach their potential.

All of our programs include empowering and engaging exercises and a variety of skill building tools and techniques that are used to enhance learning and help your staff develop a stronger sense of power and commitment.

All programs are available in Keynote, Power Lunch™, 3 hour and full day workshop formats.

Power Coaching

Through a series of interactive learning activities, stories and structured assessments, participants will:

  • Learn an effective model for Coaching
  • Understand the Power Coach Model
  • Learn their strengths and opportunities for coaching team members
  • Use the The Coach Card™ to work with their staff
  • Review challenging conversation techniques
  • Create a specific Action Plan for success

Power Stress Management

Cost of job stress? $300-billion/year. (APA) Help your staff more effectively manage stress at work and at home.

Participants will:

  • Use the best selling StressMap® to create a map to success - StressMap is Canada's #1 Stress Assessment Tool
  • Discover new skills and techniques for managing change
  • Learn powerful techniques that will help identify warning signals of distress
  • Develop a personal Action Plan for change using the New Directions Workbook

The Power of Communication

How we communicate impacts teamwork, customer service, deadlines, meetings and just about every other aspect of connecting with each other at work. Give your staff the key skills for communicating effectively; help them reach their potential for communication.

Participants will:

  • Discover their own unique communication style
  • Learn effective and powerful techniques for being a skilled communicator
  • Learn how emotions drive our reactions
  • Discover the power of listening
  • Create an action plan for change

Leadership for Managers & Supervisors

How do we become more effective leaders? What does it take to inspire and lead those around us?

In this powerful training session participants will learn:

  • Their own leadership style
  • 5 keys to inspiring others
  • Practical tools and techniques to increase their leadership ability
  • What really motivates others to do their best
  • Create an action plan for success

Leadership programs are also available in The Leadership for Women format.

Emotional Intelligence

Did you know that IQ gets you through school and EQ gets you through life?

Emotional intelligence is effectively learning how to manage our own emotions and the emotions of others.

EQ is a key skill in today's workplace. Participants will:

  • Learn how to connect effectively with others
  • Understand what drives our emotions
  • Learn how to manage our emotions effectively
  • Develop an action plan for success